A storybundle you might want to consider

Here’s an interesting opportunity: a storybundle called “Crossing the Veil,” which involves, I suppose, some sort of movement between life and death. Yes, taking a closer look, I see that is indeed the theme.

The reason that it’s interesting is that this bundle contains both Archivist Wasp and its sequel, Latchkey, by Nicole Korher-Stace. Here is my review of Archivist Wasp, which was one of my three favorite novels in 2016. I have never quite gotten to reading Latchkey, which came out at a time when I was really busy and sort of got shuffled out of sight before I got to it.

Let me just see … okay, the first four books in the bundle are:

Archivist Wasp

Hollow, by Rhonda Parrish

The Spirit Caller trilogy by Krista Ball, so actually this is six books total in the first set.

The Illuminated Heart by Thea van Deipen

The “bonus” eight books includes two collections of shorter fiction as well as six novels.

My point is, however you feel about bundles, if you haven’t ever picked up Archivist Wasp and Latchkey, this sounds like a pretty good chance to do that.

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