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Hey, this superhero bundle just brought itself to my attention. I’m hesitant about bundles because my TBR pile is soooo over the top already, and yet here we are.

I think I’m probably going to try this one. Has anybody by chance read any of these already so they could contribute a thumbs up on one or more of the books included?

For $5 —

  • Captain Nemo – The Fantastic Adventures of a Dark Genius by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward
  • Working Class Hero by James Robert Smith
  • Dove Season by Robin Brande
  • The Superhero’s Test by Lucas Flint

Included for $15 —

  • Playing a Hunch by Dean Wesley Smith
  • Fid’s Crusade by David Reiss
  • The Enlivening by Ashlyn Frost
  • Nobody’s Hero by Mark Leslie
  • Morning Sun by Jeremy Flagg
  • Overlook by Jon Mollison
  • Hellbent by Tina Glasneck
  • Brave New World Revolution by Matt Forbeck

I will add that my favorite superhero books I can think of , at least at the moment, are:

Sinner by Greg Stolze

I found the ending weak in some ways. But I still liked this book a lot. Quick, engaging. Villain pov, but obviously I wouldn’t have liked it if he’d actually been a villain. I need to re-read this, I really do. You can read my review if you click on the Amazon link; mine seems to be at the top for this one’s reviews.


And All the Stars by Andrea K Höst

Which, I KNOW, is not exactly a superhero novel. Or not only a superhero novel. But it is definitely a now-you-have-super-powers novel, plus the alien invasion. Plus one of the most astonishing plot twists EVER.

One of the books I disliked most in all my reading life also falls into the superhero subgenre. I guess I won’t name that one. I ranted about it at the time, as I recall, but I didn’t post any reviews anywhere because, well, it was quite a rant and I don’t really want to drop one-star reviews on anybody’s book no matter how much I loathed it.

Of course there’s no end to superhero stories out there, very few of which I’ve read. If you’ve got a favorite, drop it in the comments, by all means.

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4 thoughts on “Superhero bundle”

  1. It’s been a while, but I remember liking Carrie Vaughn’s superhero duology (After the Golden Age), and I thought Soon I Will Be Invincible was good. Mostly liked Brandon Sanderson’s ya trilogy with superpowers too.

    For actual comic books, Runaways and Squirrel Girl are fun.

    I don’t think I’ve read anything from this bundle

  2. My favorite is Through A Mirror, Darkly for obvious reasons. 0:)

    Other favorites are the Wearing the Cape series by Marion G. Harmon and the Cloak Society series by Jeramey Kraatz.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Mary, I’m going to try Through a Mirror, Darkly. For a one-sentence blurb, that’s very inviting.

    SarahZ, things that barely bothered me about Steelheart when I was reading it bothered me more and more as I thought about it later, so I never wound up going on with the series.

  4. Looks at Through a Mirror Oh, it’s that one! I remember it, but the title didn’t attach to the memory.

    I have liked what I’ve read so far of the two Alma Alexander collections: Val Hall: the Odd Years and Val Hall: The Even Years. Val Hall being a retirement home for superheroes, 3rd class.

    Started Wearing the Cape, didn’t finish. Mostly don’t seem to care for American takes on superheros in novels. The Teen has sent some me interesting fanfics riffing off anime/manga series, though and looking at the ‘great power/responsibility’ thinking.

    Do not recommend Worm or stuff derived from that. It’s the world I first ran across described by the Teen as so bad that getting Sauron is an improvement.

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