Tuyo audiobook update

Wow, it was not entirely intuitive how to post an audition script exactly the right way. I accidentally offered payment up front AND splitting royalties, which gave me a few complicated days. However, that is now sorted out and everything is fine.

So: yes, I have a narrator for TUYO. I really like his voice and I think his style is very good. Because he agreed to do the project royalty-share only, he will be fitting TUYO in around other projects and estimates that it will be finished in around two months. I said that was fine! He seems very professional and I’m glad he’s willing to do it.

So my first guess is that TUYO will be available as an audiobook in September or (depending on how fast ACX puts through finished works) maybe November. I have that long to figure out how to best promote audiobooks, so I’m sure that will be fun.

I wound up getting eleven auditions, but some, not sure how many, under basically false pretenses because they thought I was doing royalty-share-plus instead of royalty-share-only. Still, many of the narrators willing to do royalty-share-only seem perfectly good. I made a note of one in particular for a different project (soon to be announced).

Hopefully in the future I’ll be all, “Oh yeah, it’ll earn back the cost of paying a narrator in three weeks, so no problem!” But I’m glad there is this royalty-share-only option for right now.

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