Detecting plagiarism

And, with regards to a recent post about plagiarism, here is another post from The Passive Guy: Following are excerpts from a website called Similar Works. As the website states, the purpose of this site is to help protect authors from plagiarism of their books.

Upload your book to Similar Works and we’ll scan the text against other titles and keep monitoring — and alert you when we find any matches.

The Band [A colored bar that showed similar text] can tell you a lot about how books are related to each other! For example, if a book has a lot of stripes on the far right side of the Band, then there are similarities detected near the end of the text. That probably indicates that the same back matter or samples appear in another book. Stripes on the left indicate similarities detected near the start of the text, and they are probably disclaimers or generic copyright notices.

If I were writing romance in particular, I’d have to consider this, I guess. As it is, perhaps not.

I wouldn’t mind someone writing an app that scans for and installs malware in stolen ebooks — the kind of malware that turns the whole stolen book into repeated iterations of “You stole this book” would be ideal.

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