Just letting you all know that TUYO is now available on Amazon!

The cover artist and I made a huge final push to get this officially published in time for me to enter it in Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2020. We made it by 24 hours, and I’m very pleased to see that my entry went through, so I will be following the SPFBO with intense interest this year.

Because Aidana had to do this cover super, super fast, its possible this may not be the actual final cover. It’s not bad, though. The tiger is not like Your Special Telepathic Friend or anything, a trope I’m not fond of in fantasy. It’s just a tiger. The huge white tigers of the winter country are mentioned now and then and one is seen in the distance once. I told Aidana, “Not exactly like one of our modern tigers,” and sent her a picture of a sabertoothed cat from the Pleistocene and here we are.

If you’ve already read this, I would appreciate it if you went to the Amazon page or the Goodreads page and left a review. If you haven’t, well, I hope you will soon find time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did . . . literally, that much! You may remember that this is the one where I wrote the entire first draft in an obsessive 40 days.

This one is enrolled in Amazon Select right now, which means it’s available only through Amazon. Eventually I may put it out on platforms other than Amazon. In the meantime, if you would like to buy a paper copy directly from me, I would be happy to send you one.

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10 thoughts on “TUYO”

  1. purchased and got partway through while sitting at the vet* this morning

    *in the car for hours on a day it’s already heading towards 95F before 11:00, because we can’t go in because VIRUS! The cold at the beginning helped a bit. :-)

  2. Rachel Neumeier

    Ugh, Elaine. I hope there is a shade tree there. And that your pet is all right!

  3. There was some shade, but the sun moves and pavement reflects heat and… well, it wasn’t all that pleasant. Blaze has tooth problems that probably go back to an undiagnosed jaw problem. His TMJ keeps locking up and chiropracting helps, but it’s time to try to figure out if there’s a structural cause. We’ve thought it was behavior, but it keeps happening.

    Interesting world building in TUYO. Is it one world, or is it several mashed together, or did you work it out at all. Whatever, I like what has been said about the various lands – aside from sheer wonder, there are interesting implications.

  4. I haven’t ever thought of it as different worlds mashed together, but as one world where the metaphysics are very different from the real world. For example, I strongly suspect the world is in fact flat. Certainly the moon and sun are not remotely like satellites orbiting a planet, as the Moon is explicitly full all the time in the winter country, but not in the winter country. Maybe at some point we’ll see the starlit lands north of the winter country, or the vast desert south of the summer country. What’s beyond those, I don’t know.

  5. I would love to see more of the world. I recently been discussing Nix’s Kingdom & Ancelstierre setting, which does turn out to be multiple worlds mashed together due to Powers clashing way far back, or it may not have occurred to me as a possibility.

    I like Ryo, he’s intelligent and makes mistakes but has a good heart. And I can’t imagine why anyone thought swapping him out for a female would work. What you’d have to have changed would have been EVERYTHING. And it’s a very masculine story.

  6. Rachel Neumeier

    It was ARAS, not Ryo, who might have turned into a female character. Different, eh? Although it would have been interesting, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Reasons involve spoilers.

  7. Aras as female, whoa! That would be… a very, very different story. Either the dynamic between Aras and Ryo would distort, or the cultures would have to massively change to allow Aras the same cultural position (and everyone in the winter country to recognize it). The latter could be a very interesting story, but yeah, a very different one. I like the one we got. :)

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