Traditional publishing in the social distance era

Here’s a post at Pub Rants that caught my eye. I’ve been wondering a bit about what’s going on with NY-based publishers.

Among other things:


  • Publishers are reporting ebook sales are up by 40%. This is helping to keep the publishing picture stable for now.
  • Print sales initially did a sharp drop (down by 25%), but they rebounded last week, and we have word that sales at Target and Walmart are especially healthy.

Well, that’s good to hear, although … it would be nice to seem a book or two of mine at Walmart, but that particular share of the market does seem entirely irrelevant to me personally. Oh well.

Anyway, if you too have been wondering about the world of publishing, this is a pretty good recent sketch.

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7 thoughts on “Traditional publishing in the social distance era”

  1. Rachel Neumeier

    What, really? Well that’s fantastic!

    …wow, you can sure see which ones are out of print. I like that super low price on WINTER, though.

  2. Allan L Shampine

    Walmart is carrying some of your books in German?!? I wonder how that happened?

  3. Rachel Neumeier

    I wonder that too, Allan. I will say, the German edition got the best covers imo.

  4. Walmart has some really oddball selections online occasionally. I picked up two Michael Pryor books from them that had only been published in Australia. Don’t check their book section often, though, as I’m buying more ebooks these days to compensate for the fact my basement is running out of room for the ~2.5k physical books I already own.

  5. I should start walking by the Walmart books more often. Though I’m mostly buying ebooks these days to compensate for the extremely annoying need to pick up reading glasses to read most print books. Granted, shelf space is also a consideration. I guess one day I should thin the shelves, again.

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