Notes on typos

I am no longer surprised by the variation in this sort of thing, but it’s still interesting to note the following:

Four people read TUYO for typos (thank you all!)

Proofreader 1 caught 32 potential typos, only one of which I left as it was.

Proofreader 2 caught 9; of those 5 were unique to him rather than overlapping with Proofreader 1’s typos.

Proofreader 3 caught something on the close order of 25 typos and awkward word choices, NONE of which overlapped with Proofreader 1 or 2. The complete lack of overlap was surprising.

Proofreader 4 queried a whole bunch of commas and things (thanks! I like to pause to think again about potentially nonstandard punctuation.) and a handful of typos and awkward word choices, including several that had not been caught by anyone else. I’m particularly impressed that this person caught a mistake when I had Geras speak with a phrase more suitable for Esau.

All of you together helped me catch and correct something on the close order of 50 typos and various other problems AND two errors of continuity. I’m very grateful, particularly when a typo is the stupid kind that makes me look marginally literate.

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