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Oooookay. Via a post at File 770: I Am Going To Mouse My Shot: Hamilton Flick Comes to Disney+ on July 3

I happened across these:

and this one:

There are others at the link — and probably plenty more File 770 didn’t happen to drop into this post.

On of my favorite songs in Hamilton — I know this is probably a minority pick — is Aaron Burr’s “Wait for It”. It probably hasn’t drawn the same kind of attention as Hamilton’s introductory song, but if anybody happens to know of a good parody of that one, by all means let me know.

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  1. When I was in college the musical theater guild did a Star Wars: The Musical production, so I know lots of showtunes with Star Wars lyrics (like, “I’ve got the Force Right Here”, or “I am the Very Model of a Protocol and Service Droid”, or “Don’t Cry for us Princess Leia”)

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