Interview with Martha Wells’s got an interview with Martha Wells up today, if anybody is interested. Let me see, what questions are especially appealing to me … how about this one:

Which characters from your different series would you most like to have meet each other?

Offhand, I think Kade Carrion from The Element of Fire and Nicholas Valiarde from The Death of the Necromancer could do some awesome damage together.

Ha ha ha, yes, I sure bet they could.

If you had to spend a day with a character from a series you wrote, and in their world, who would you choose?

I think Ratthi [from The Murderbot Diaries] might be the most fun to hang out with.

Also the least stressful. Ratthi is just a nice guy. Plus if you’re with Ratthi, it’s highly likely that if corporate goons try to kidnap you or whatever, Murderbot will get you out of trouble as a side effect of rescuing Ratthi.

Click over to read the whole thing.

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