Small good things

I don’t have time for a real post today — sorry — so I will leave you with a couple pictures I took recently.

Each of these pictures was taken at dawn. The first was taken a couple days ago, the other yesterday morning. These are some kind of clematis; I don’t remember the variety.

These pictures make me want to plant a ton of white flowers where I’ll see them at dawn.

And a few days later, when more flowers opened:

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4 thoughts on “Small good things”

  1. In some areas, gardens planted with white flowers and light foliaged plants are called moon gardens, for how they look under the moon.

    Although those photos look rather stunning at dawn.

    Or so I gather since moon gardens have turned up in more than one book I’ve read.

  2. Elaine, what a gorgeous name and concept for such gardens! Those need to show up in a book someday…

  3. They can also be called, mundanely enough, white gardens.

    I have a blue garden. The color effect is quite striking from the comments I get.

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