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Here is a personality quiz that matches you to a fictional character, statistically, it says, rather in that careless Buzzfeed way.

So, sure, whatever, I took the quiz. It only took a few minutes. It says I’m “most like” Betsy Heron from Mean Girls. Well, I’ve never watched Mean Girls, so that is pretty meaningless to me. Even then, it’s only an 84% match.

A casual search suggests that Betsy Heron is a perfectly nice person despite the name of the show, so there’s that.

If you feel so inclined, go take this quiz and see what you get. I’d like to know what other fictional characters one can draw. Also, the supplementary questions were all about Deep Space Nine. I watched a lot of DS9 at one point, but wow, it’s been a while. I wonder how much those questions tweaked my result.

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5 thoughts on “A personality quiz —”

  1. I got Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which, hah, I haven’t seen either. (82% match.)

    The advantage to all the other “which character are you” memes is that you can at least pre-select the canon!

  2. I thought of more comfort reads: Connie Willis’ Christmas novellas. She has written half a dozen or so, and they are all very cozy. Her humorous time travel books would work, too.

  3. Kathryn McConaughy

    I also got Willow, 82%. It’s been a long time since I watched any Buffy, but I do wonder whether we’re talking early-in-the-series bookish and lovably awkward Willow or late-in-the-series somewhat scary Willow… By the actual graph, I’m guessing it’s the former.

  4. I would have preferred Willow. At least I know who she is! I would assume early bookish-shy Willow, not Evil Vampire Willow or Evil Black Witch Willow.

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