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Here’s a post at Amazon’s This Week in Books: The best first lines from the past decade

The post leads off with this: I never imagined I would shoot a man…

It turns out that’s part of an opening, thus:

The Painter

“I never imagined I would shoot a man. Or be a father. Or live so far from the sea.”

Interesting! Three very short, disconnected sentences. I think I like it, though I don’t know if the book’s description makes it sound all that appealing:

Heller’s novel is a punch to the gut about fly fishing, painting, violence, the reconciliation of one man’s actions, and the hurt that surrounds him in the landscape of the outlaw west. 

I’m thinking, Not for me. Still, that is a good opening.

A handful of others at the link; click through if you have a minute.

The book I’m reading now starts this way:

“You have not been foolish,” she said. “But you have been unlucky. The results are indistinguishable.”

Pretty good, eh? I’ll write a review of this one in a few days.

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