If you’re following the Corona pandemic at all — I am — then here’s a good post on that from Scott Alexander at Slate Star Codex.

Like everything from Scott, it’s really long and somewhat difficult to excerpt, but I’ll give it a try:

The good news is that it’s pretty unlikely to kill young people. The bad news is that even young people seem to have severe cases that can land them in the hospital. …

Are these an overestimate? Maybe most cases never come to the government’s attention? There’s some evidence for this. …

There will probably be a peak of the epidemic when hospitals are overcrowded and there are no spare ventilators and you really don’t want to need medical care. If you can get past that, and catch it a year or two from now, there will be spare doctors and nurses to care for you and spare ventilators to support you if you need it. …

The best way to avoid infection is still to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Less good but cooler ways to avoid infection include putting copper tape over everything in your house (copper kills viruses on touch). For best results, use a combination of copper, iron, and silver tape to be protected from coronavirus, fae, and werewolves simultaneously. …

So far the government has bungled its coronavirus response pretty egregiously.

Reading through this section, Scott actually means the FDA and CDC are the bunglers. The section ends:

And here’s a more careful analysis of some of the laws around diagnostic testing and how they contributed to the current crisis. And by more careful, I mean it ends with “Bottom line: the FDA is going to kill us all”.

All this accords with what I’ve basically been seeing from the more rational, less sky-is-falling comments elsewhere. Except for the FDA killing us all part. Haven’t seen that before. This assessment is based on comments by former FDA director Scott Gottleib, so, well, that does make it an interesting opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus”

  1. Evelyn "Why Yes, I do have a degree in Biological Science with an emphasis on virology and oh by the way, can we take your cough samples for our records?

    I told my manager that I wanted to avoid being in the same room that he was in, to the point of holding our 1-on-1 meetings remotely via Skype. I mentioned that it wasn’t because I wanted to avoid him but more due to the acts that a) I am spending several hours a day at a nursing facility (i.e. ground zero for this virus) and b) he was on immunosuppressants due to his recent surgery.

    He laughed. “Oh, that’s all right,” he said cheerily. “I won’t sue you. I know you’re afraid that you might get sick.”

    I wanted to weep

  2. Evelyn, good heavens. I mean … wow. Corona aside, this person ought to be nervous about getting any kind of virus. Wow. Good luck to him.

    And to you! And your nursing facility clients. It’s certainly quite clear that elderly people are most at risk.

  3. Right down to the last second I was trying to decide if we should go forward with our visit to my grandma- I wanted us all to see her before the baby’s big surgeries, and I’m pretty sure in a week or 2 visiting would be much dicier.

  4. It’s going to be tricky deciding exactly when to call off plans. I think probably as the weather warms up, the situation will improve, but that won’t be till May at least. I think things will be dicey through April.

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