A new way to define “tough act to follow”

That’s from @tomgauld on Twitter. Ha ha ha! If she thinks fast, she’ll come up with something, right? What would YOU say? It would be nice if you came up with something true, catchy, and not liable to get you arrested.

Here’s another one, same cartoonist:

I notice he’s got a book coming out in April: Department of Mind-Blowing Theories. All right, I’ll follow on Twitter for a while and take a look at the book when it appears.

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5 thoughts on “A new way to define “tough act to follow””

  1. You know, the funniest extra episode of the anime Noragami was about a trip the regular characters took to a ski resort—where someone with aspirations to be a serial killer was trying to kill people (unfortunately he picked the literally immortal god character, and got so frustrated that he never died that he kept trying to kill him over and over. The god was convinced someone had it out for him, and everyone else thought he was being his usual overdramatic self). You find out at the end that the motive behind this particular string of attacks was . . . a man’s desire to go to prison, write a true crime story about being a serial killer, and become an instant bestseller.

  2. Megan, not impressed with this person’s efficiency. If you don’t care who you kill, then if your target isn’t cooperating, pick a different target.

    Also, his moral sense may have been a little off.

  3. I know, I was being amused at the concept, not serious — should’ve added a tone-of-voice emoji or something. It does sound funny.

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