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No, really, hyenas are related to mongooses (and civets)

With reference to the prior post about civets not being related to weasels, it occurs to me that it’s hard for people to visualize hyenas as “mongoose-like” much less “catlike.”

I’m here to help with that visualization exercise!

Here is an African civet, Civettictis civetta, looking a lot like a weasel:

This picture shows off the long, sleek, body with the short legs. However, the body type is considerably exaggerated by the pose.

Here is another picture of an African civet, showing that really it does not look that much like a weasel:

Now, lengthen the legs just a bit, lighten up the build, tilt the topline from front to rear, and poof! Here is an aardwolf:

This is not a hyena, but it’s in the hyena family. Isn’t it cute? I think this is a delightful animal.

Here’s a striped hyena, not the familiar type of hyena everyone knows about, but a very much less common species:

And finally, here’s the common spotted hyena:

Is it easier to see now that all the above animals are in fact kind of similar to each other and not to actual weasels, like this very cute example below?

Now, if you aren’t tired of pictures of things that aren’t weasels, google “linsangs.” Linsangs are arguably the very cutest members of Feloidia.

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