It's aliens!

A burst of gravitational waves hit our planet. Astronomers have no clue where it’s from.

I do enjoy weird astronomical phenomena. We certainly see plenty of unexpected things whenever we get a new look at a planet, and odd phenomena sure don’t seem rare. I don’t know much about gravity waves, but this article says:

 On Jan. 14, astronomers detected a split-second burst of gravitational waves, distortions in space-time … but researchers don’t know where this burst came from. Gravitational waves can be caused by the collision of massive objects, such as two black holes or two neutron stars. Astronomers detected such gravitational waves from a neutron star collision in 2017 and from one in April of 2019 … But gravitational waves from collisions of such massive objects typically last longer and manifest in the data as a series of waves that change in frequency over time as the two orbiting objects move closer to each other.

I think this was obviously some alien species using wormhole technology relatively near Earth. Wormhole opens and shuts nearly instantaneously, and there you go, a split-second burst of distortions in space-time.

Keep an eye out for flying saucers this week!

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