This is promising

Tuberculosis Vaccine Found To Inadvertently Counter Alzheimer’s Disease

You know, we have a word for this exact occurrence. The word is “serendipitous.”



  1. occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

However, even though I’m not impressed with this use of the word “inadvertent,” I’m happy to hear about this serendipitous discovery.

“There’s data reaching back to the 1960s that shows that countries treating bladder cancer patients with the BCG vaccine had a lower prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease but it hadn’t been properly analyzed,” Bercovier, lead author of the paper, said.

The exact way the BCG vaccine affects cancer hasn’t been fully understood but it’s known to have an impact on the immune system, as per the study. The BCG vaccine, which “modulates the immune system, may serve as an effective preventative treatment to this crippling condition,” Bercovier pointed out in a phone interview. “Looks like BCG is able to reduce this inflammation.”

Not a magic bullet, but perhaps a significant step towards a magic bullet.

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  1. The only known cure for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia is an antibiotic.

    Truly the human being is a crazy thing.

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