Should we resurrect old slang?

Here’s a post: 59 Quick Slang Phrases From The 1920s We Should Start Using Again

Although my immediate reaction is Sure! Sounds like fun!, my response after looking through the list is: a lot of these slang phrases sound pretty stupid.

32. Jorum of skee: a swig of alcohol, particularly hard liquor

33. Know your onions: to know what’s up or what’s going on

34. “Let’s blouse!”: “Let’s blow this popsicle stand!”

Let’s blouse? This is one slang term that died a natural death and should be left in its grave.

I imagine that’s the general response to outdated slang, though! In another hundred years, I’m sure readers would say the same about words like mood:


Use mood in lieu of saying “same.” Generally, it describes something you’re into, as in, “All I want to do tonight is lay on my couch and watch The Bachelorette.” “Big mood.”

I got that here. I’ve never heard “mood” used that way, to the best of my knowledge. I just googled “modern slang” and got that website and took a look. “Big mood” looks about as stupid to me as “Let’s blouse!”

I do like this particular 100-year-old slang euphamism, though:

30. Iron one’s shoelaces: to excuse oneself for the restroom

Excuse me, I have to go iron my shoelaces! That’s funny. Sure, we can bring that particular euphemism back.

If you’ve got a minute, you can glance through the list and see if there’s anything you’d enjoy trying to lift out of the grave, bring back to life, and popularize as current slang.

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2 thoughts on “Should we resurrect old slang?”

  1. I recognize a couple such as ‘know your onions’, bluenose, and bushwa, and… total of 16, I won’t list them all, probably from reading old books. They’re ok, but don’t need bringing back.

    Like you I rather like #30, it reminds me of one I’ve actually heard used as well as used myself: ‘go to the euphamism.’

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