Swordheart by T Kingfisher

I am getting a serious kick out of reading Swordheart almost back to back with The Twisted Ones. The books are so different, almost as different as any author has ever written. The only author I know of who has written stories more different than these is Seanan McGuire, with her Newsflesh trilogy and tben that completely farcical UF series.

So, The Twisted Ones. Horror.

Swordheart. Light, even somewhat silly fantasy romance.

Halla has inherited a minor fortune and a magic sword. Sarkis is the guy condemned to live in the sword and serve whoever wields it. You immediately understand where that’s heading.

Well put together, charming, predictable because hey, light romance, it is going to hit all the typical plot points with pretty standard timing. Good writing. Nice details. No dog. I enjoyed it despite that lack.

Who else would like this novel: if you liked Lindsay Boruker’s Emperor’s Edge series, I bet you like Swordheart.

Best detail: the bird. Surely … *surely* … we will find out more about the bird in a later book, because yes, this is the first book in a series.

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