I greatly enjoyed the white-and-gold-or-blue-and-black dress. (It was blue and black.) If you never checked out the Amazon reviews for that dress, you really ought to take a moment and do that.

However, this post is really about a different illusion.

Can anybody see red and green dots moving downward?

I see only yellowish or greenish dots moving left to right. The red and green ones would be more seasonal, but … nope, can’t manage it.

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5 thoughts on “Illusions”

  1. I can actually see everything they’re describing! Though the yellow dots moving left to right are easiest for me. It did help for seeing the red/green dots that the text windows obscured the left and right parts of the animation for a while, kind of forcing me to see the top to bottom motion.

    (also love the other one, with the rotating knot shape)

  2. I could make them change direction by looking narrowly left to right along the top edge, or top to bottom along the left edge.

  3. It depends how fast the replay is. If it’s too fast, you won’t have time to see the downward moving dots.

  4. Oh, maybe the speed is the problem. Or could be harder to see properly on a phone. Interesting, anyway. I’m going to try again.

  5. The dress switched. Sometimes, if I scrolled down, it switched from white-and-gold to blue-and-black as soon as I could see only the skirt.

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