Pippa's surgery has been scheduled for Friday

Just an update for those of you who might wonder.

If you’re really keeping score, I’ll just note that I was at the veterinary hospital for NINE HOURS yesterday.

The hotel is really nice though. It’s Staybridge Suites. Full kitchen! Decent couch! Gas fire in the living room! That last is a new one for me. Huge pet fee per stay, but I thought I might be here some time. Instead I’m going to spend a LOT of time driving this week, going back and forth, three hours each way. But this was a great hotel to relax in during periods when I was actually here.

Nearly six thirty, sunrise any minute, time to pack up, get a bite to eat, and get on the road for the drive home.

Here’s Pippa a zillion years ago, about this time of year, right after I brought her home.

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2 thoughts on “Pippa's surgery has been scheduled for Friday”

  1. May it go really well.

    Sounds like a great hotel to crash in when you need it. When we were doing the same thing, even if we didn’t plan to stay over a couple days, we got a room so we’d have a place to be more comfortable than the vet hospital/school areas. Yeah it costs. but not needing to be ‘on’ because not private was priceless.

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