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Paul Weimer got a great response to his tweet last night, asking for “Five places you’ve never been, but would like to visit.” There are so many answers now it feels pointless to jump in on Twitter.

One of the funniest:

Charlie Stross‏  @cstross



The M31 galaxy

… Gosh, that scaled up fast didn’t it? …

I wouldn’t be that creative.

1)Petra, because that “rose-red city half as old as time” is one of the all-time great lines of poetry.

2) A great nature preserve in Australia. Two: one in the interior and one in the coastal rainforest. No place like Australia for great wildlife. I’ve been to the African savannah, but I’ve never been to Australia.

3) Hawaii. It’s right there, comparatively speaking, but I’ve never been there. Lounging on tropical beaches is okay, but I’d like to stroll up a Hawaiian volcano with a naturalist to explain the flora and fauna. It would be, um, my fourth volcano? I think fourth.

4) India. Which does not really narrow down the answer, because then which part? I could do a top twenty list and barely touch India. But I’ve heard the south is great. Maybe Hyderabad. And then Agra for sure.

5) Sure, what the heck, Mars. On a nice guided tour, after the tourism industry is mature. I’m not interested in experiencing the adventure of death on Mars. Strictly safe, comfortable sight-seeing. But what sights!

Where would you all go, if you could go anywhere and there was a nice hotel and a guided tour?

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4 thoughts on “Five places”

  1. 1. Munich during the Christmas season (which we’re actually doing this year–I have to keep pinching myself because it still doesn’t seem real!).
    2. Athens, to relax and soak up sunshine. Every vacation we’ve ever taken has been “let’s cram as much as we can into the time we have,” and while that makes sense when you’ll probably never return to that place, I also want one vacation in my life to be nothing but relaxation, and I want it to happen in Greece. Why? I’m not entirely sure, I just do!
    3. The Scottish Highlands. We did the Lowlands this summer, but I want to make it into the Highlands sometime.
    4. Japan during cherry blossom time–but only if I could magically do away with all the other tourists there at the same time! (and by do away with, I mean “give them all urgent but non-life-threatening or disastrous reasons to be elsewhere”, not ACTUALLY “do away with”. Just to be clear)
    5. A U.S. national park besides Acadia, because Acadia’s the only one I’ve been to and I’d like to explore a bit more of the wonders of my own country–I’ve rarely made it off the East Coast.

    Despite how much I love science fiction and space opera, I can’t say I’d care that much to visit another planet no matter how safe! Not until I’ve explored more of this one, anyway. Ask me again in 10-20 years and I might have a different answer.

  2. Louise, have a great time in Munich!

    And add Japan to my list as well — exactly the same as for yours: in cherry blossom season and preferably with very limited crowds …

    I’ve read so many gosh-wow scenery-heavy novels set on Mars, I would really love to see the sights there! In comfort and safety, with a competent tourism industry managing the details.

  3. You could come to California and see Lassen National Park, which has all varieties of volcano. Before two out of three of us developed severe altitude reactions it was our favorite vacation place.
    No flowing lava like Hawaii, though.

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