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Tamora Pierce’s Tortall Books Are Coming to TV

At least, maybe. According to the linked post, the books have been optioned. While that’s nice, it’s not definitive. Lots of books get optioned but never go anywhere — The Floating Islands was one of the horde of those books.

But still, though I came to Tamora Pierce’s work late, I’m fond of them. They might work quite well as a TV series.

There’s no word yet on which of the Tortall books will be making it into the series, and whether the different storylines will be combined into one massive plot, or if each season will follow a different character. Since all of the series (minus Provost’s Dog) build off one another, fill in their gaps, and share characters, we’re going to assume the former. If so, we hope they give the individual storylines the space and thought they deserve, as each of the different series are very much rooted in their main characters.

My favorite set was the Protector of the Small series.

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5 thoughts on “Coming to TV”

  1. I think it would be awesome if the stories were supplements to the books.

    They follow the Queen’s Riders and the King’s Own. We’d see some regular characters we already know and get plenty of new ones, as well as a chance to run across main characters from the books.

    Or, they could follow pages through training at the castle during a time when neither Alanna nor Kel are there.

    Or we could get the story of Neil’s time as squire of Alanna and how he learned about Whisper Man.

    Basically, anything that’s not already in a book and that won’t be covered in any of the promised books-to-come.

    And, while I like Beka, we’d get to meet many more people we know if we stick to the Alanna time frame or later.

  2. Did you read Daine’s quartet then? I recall you were hesitant regarding the portrayal of animals.

    I can’t say I would go out of my way to watch this, but I do hope it gets adapted well, whichever way they go about it.

  3. Did you read Daine’s quartet then? I recall you were hesitant regarding the portrayal of animals.

    I dearly hope they capture the spirit of the series, whichever way they do it.

  4. I have to admit no, not yet. I’m still hesitant for that exact reason. I’d rather see the Alanna ones or the Protector of the Small ones.

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