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The map of literature

Via tor.com, this:

Isn’t that neat?

Martin Vargic describes his work as one that shows “how the multitudes of diverse literary genres sprouted, branched, and eventually evolved to their modern state.” The map contains over 7000 points — authors, writers, poets, and more.

Every literary movement and a genre is its own continental realm. Every single dot on the map on the map represents a single author, and every tiny rhombus a single literary work. It takes just a few seconds to spot dozens of the best selling and most talented authors and their works.

The above is, obviously, just a detail of the map. Click through and scroll down to see the full map, which is circular, in a square frame containing a great deal of commentary.

Interesting details: Ancient literature appear to be central, at the pole of the round map. As we get more modern, we move toward the periphery — Manga is right by the edge. Romance is a separate continent from Romanticism. Horror is farther removed from Fantasy than I think it should be. Lots and lots of islands whose names I can’t quite read.

Definitely click through and take a look!

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