Pictures of dogs with books

At Book Riot, an inspired post that is nothing but pictures of dogs with books. An excellent combination, to be sure.

My favorite is little Bailey. Somewhat amazingly, I have no real guess about what kind of breeds might have gone into the mix that is Bailey, but he is completely adorable. Part Chihuahua and part … I don’t know.

If you like dogs … and books … then by all means click through and choose your own favorite.

I remember when WINTER came out, I took this one to show all my Fall 2017 babies in one shot.

Leda is the one tucked out of sight in the back. Wow, I can’t believe Leda — and Winter, for that matter — is two years old already.

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2 thoughts on “Pictures of dogs with books”

  1. Allan L Shampine

    That is such a gorgeous cover. I handed out a lot of copies at our Christmas party that year!

  2. It is a great cover, and good to know you passed ’em out as door prizes — thanks so much, Allan!

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