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From Julia Bergen at tor.com: 6 SFF Restaurants and Bars We Want to Visit

Great theme!

I bet you’re expecting The Restaurant at the End of the Universe to show up on this list. It does. I would actually put that on my list of five SFF restaurants that I would definitely not want to visit, because I would absolutely not want to get anywhere near Douglas Adams’ universe.

Several of the other choices sound pretty neat, though. Just based on these descriptions, the one that would appeal to me the most is probably MacAnally’s Pub from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher

But six restaurants and pubs! Six is not the right number for a list. I’m sure I can add four more:

1.Valabar’s in the Taltos series. I can’t think of any restaurants in SFF where the food is described so beautifully. Brust has to be a foodie in real life. Top choice right here. Dzur, is of course, the book that showcases Valabar’s.

2.Sunshine’s bakery in Robin McKinley’s book by the same name. My mother makes excellent cinnamon rolls, but I’m dying to try a Cinnamon Roll as Big as Your Head. Also a Killer Zebra. And a Death of Marat, obviously.

3. World’s End: A Free House. Graphic novels generally don’t really do it for me. The Sandman graphic novels are an exception, and World’s End is such a powerful installment. If pubs count, I’m sure inns do as well.

4. Dina’s Bed and Breakfast in A Clean Sweep and the other books of Ilona Andrews Innkeeper series. This is my least favorite of their series, but it offers the best place to spend the night. I mean, as long as fighting off an alien invasion isn’t necessary that particular night.

There, that’s four!

Oh, one more:

5. Cloisonne House in House of Shadows. Remember that banquet scene? Mmm. That would be a wonderful place for supper and story telling.

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