Out now: The River South by Marta Randall

If you got interested in the re-written and re-published Sword of Winter / Mapping Winter by Marta Randall, then you’ll want to be aware the sequel has become available.

South? I expected Our Heroes to go north!

Oh, wait, we are changing protagonists completely, or at least that’s implied. Here’s the description from Amazon:

Iset Kievesdaughter has no idea why somebody wants to kidnap her, but somebody does, and the attempts are growing ever more deadly.

Rescued from the Riders Guildhall by the Lord of Kyst, and taken aboard his sailing barge, Iset begins to piece together clues as to her enemy’s identity. But when she struggles to confront the mysterious talent developing within herself, she and Kyst’s Rider are banished from the craft.

As Iset strives to understand what and who she is, the two companions must journey through a perilous world in search of a refuge that may not exist.

“The Lord of Kyst” is ringing faint bells, but … yep, pretty faint. Was that a character from the first book? If so, who? I may do a search of my Kindle ebook and see, or I may just start reading The River South and find out that way. I wonder if Kieve will appear at all?

This is most likely going to be next up on the “actually read” stack this year. Right now I’m reading a new release from Ilona Andrews, but right after that.

Also, were you all aware of the new Penric novella? It came out in July, but I only realized that this past weekend. It’s a good one — I liked it a lot. I must admit, I especially enjoyed it when Penric finally got fed up and let Desdemona loose.

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  1. Lord of Kyst is the one Kieve was going to be assigned to next and the one that other Rider Daunet served and loved.

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