Pegasus Award nominees

The Pegasus Award is for filksongs.

I know very little about the world of filk, but I do like to go to filk concerts when I’m at conventions. Tom Smith is always a hoot, and I usually come away with a CD from someone else as well. Last time I was at WindyCon, I picked up a CD by Vixy and Tony that included a whole bunch of great songs, including, for example, “Eight-Legged Blues” and “Uplift.” Several others I’ve listened to a bunch of times.

So, from File 770, here’s a list of the Pegasus finalists for this year.

Here’s a link so you can listen to song clips for the finalists.

One song, up for “Best Filk Song” is called “Vor.” I must listen to that! But I want to listen to all of them.

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