SPFBO book sale today and tomorrow

You might recall the self-publishing fantasy blog-off, organized by Mark Lawrence, where a bunch of self-pubbed fantasy novels go head-to-head in challenges on a bunch of blogs.

This is apparently the fifth year of the blog-off, and a whoooole bunch of participating titles are on sale for 99c for a couple more days. Here’s the list. I get that everyone’s already got a teetering TBR pile, but if you’d like a chance to top off your personal TBR pile, well, here you go.

I note that 36 titles are listed as high fantasy, 14 as urban fantasy, 4 as paranormal, 4 as military fantasy, 10as science fantasy, 4 as humorous fantasy, 2 as timeslip, two superhero, four horror fantasy, 1 fairy tale, 1 slice-of-life, 4 romantic fantasy, 10 sword and sorcery, 6 historical fantasy, and 17 as grimdark.

These aren’t actually all self-published, I guess? Because there’s “Snowspelled” by Stephanie Burgis on this list.

I like the cover for The Wretched, but the title, wow, no, talk about off-putting.

I like the cover for Skies of the Empire, and that title is okay.

I like the cover for Strings of Chance, but the title and author’s name interfere with the cover art.

I guess if I were picking just one cover / title that would cause me to click through and read the description on Amazon … Dragons of Esernes. Plus, it’s a series, the whole thing available as a boxed set for 99c. A girl whose job is taking care of a racing dragon. Fine, okay, I’ll pick it up.

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4 thoughts on “SPFBO book sale today and tomorrow”

  1. When I search for Five Fathoms Press, who published Burgis’s book, I only get results for books by Burgis or Patrick Samphire, her husband. So to me, it’s pretty clearly self-published.

  2. Oh! I hadn’t looked that carefully. That does make sense considering it’s included. Okay, right, it’s The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and sequels which were traditionally published.

  3. In the epic fantasy, Songweaver’s Vow seems to be playing out Cupid and Psyche in a Norse mythology setting. Which is non-standard enough for me to try a sample, at least.

    Some of the covers look awfully cluttered, and fire was definitely in.

    Ghosts of the Sea Moon got my attention for being different in colors and image. Maybe by being placed next to another one with highly different styling, and a sea-theme, too, but the highly stylized one didn’t get my attention and the more natural one did.

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