Puppies are distracting

Allow me to present the “twins.” Two singletons, due on the same day. I had one c-section done two days early, the other at term, for good and sufficient reasons too complicated to go into. This was July 10th and 12th.

The b/t puppy was 5.7 oz at birth, implying perhaps a poor uterine attachment because that is tiny for a singleton puppy. She took off fast and has hardly been a moment’s trouble.

The Blenheim was 10.4 oz at birth, much more reasonable. She was trouble free for 8 days, suddenly began nursing ineffectively, required tube feeding, aspirated milk into her lungs while asleep — which I have never heard of, but I was looking right at her when it happened — but is now recovering well. That was an exciting week ago. I am happy to report that she is doing much better. She will be on Clavamox for another several days, as aspiration leads generally to pneumonia and she was certainly showing symptoms of that kind.

As I said, doing well now. Nursing fine, but also starting on real food.

So! I feel secure enough at this point to consider names.

The b/t puppy’s father is Ch Snowbird Wicked Good Wizard, call name Merlin. I am thinking of sticking with an Arthurian theme for these puppies, which are my M and N litters.

That would suggest Anara Morgan Le Fey for the black puppy, and Anara Nimue Du Lac for the Blenheim puppy. I like the name Morgan as a call name, not sure about Nimue, though I do like that name. Shorter, one- or two-syllable name would be nice. Nim, Nym, Nymph?

Incidentally, it turns out Cavalier moms, at least mine, are quite willing to tolerate each other and take on mothering duties for both puppies. Kim made my life so much easier by taking care of both babies when Chloe’s mothering instincts took a couple days to come in properly, and now that Kim (like her own mother at this point, in fact) is less interested in motherhood, Chloe is happy to interact with the babies, who are just now getting playful.

So, that’s been my priority for the past few weeks. Barring (another) disaster, the babies should be far, far less trouble for the next little while.

Then… housetraining!

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3 thoughts on “Puppies are distracting”

  1. Very cute!
    I’ve heard Nimue pronounced as Nim-way, and I think that would be an easy name to call over the garden; maybe less easy to murmer while petting them as they fall asleep? If it turns into Nimmie then, would that be too confusing with Kimmie?

    I’m not that surprised by the co-parenting, after all, in the wild there are often aunties who take care of the littles while the pack is out hunting.
    I’ve even seen two mothercats co-parent on the TinyKittens YouTube channel. Chloé and Ramona were the first cats I watched there, and Ramona even midwifed for Chloé when she was giving birth. After a few days the momcats kept all the kittens together in one nest, and whoever wanted some respite could take a nap in the other. They shared all the kittencare, but Ramona’s specialty was bathing the kittens, and Chloé’s was feeding them. They even accepted a singleton kitten from an uninterested feral new mom into the clowder.

  2. Cute! So who is the other father?

    I’ve never been fond of Nimue – mostly to being unable to find a pronunciation I like – but the variant Nimiane is ok. To holler over the fence, though? maybe not…. Nym, perhaps.

    There aren’t a lot of “n’ Arthurian names for either sex.

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