Keto crepes: a reasonably acceptable bread substitute.

Okay, you can just skip these posts if you’re not interested, but here’s a useful zero-carb bread substitute, completely different from the black seed bread I posted a couple days ago.

These are super-simple and more useful than perhaps may first be apparent:

Keto crepes

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 oz cream cheese
  • 1 Tbsp almond flour

Put all ingredients in a blender. It can help to warm the cream cheese up a bit in the microwave first. Blend until smooth. Add a generous dab of butter or whatever to a skillet, heat the skillet, pour the batter into smallish pancakes, and cook in the standard fashion for pancakes.

The typical recipe of this kind has twice as much cream cheese and no almond flour. Those are more difficult to turn and I got tired of dealing with it, so I tried altering the ingredients as listed above. That worked fine. These little crepes are much easier to turn.

They are fairly similar to regular crepes. Not as good, but that is going to be a continuing theme with all bread substitutes, I fear. These are okay. I am not interested in eating them with syrup, though I gather many people do. I am not that keen on pancakes drenched in syrup anyway, plus I’m suspicious of sugar-free syrup.

I use them more in the way you’d use chapatis, folding them around meat dishes, such as the pork shoulder I recently braised in coconut milk. Or rolled around various sandwich spreads. Used in that way, these are a decent substitute for bread.

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3 thoughts on “Keto crepes: a reasonably acceptable bread substitute.”

  1. I sometimes substitute two smallish wholemeal pancakes for bread at lunch, one with apples baked in (raisins optional, as is a sprinkle of sugar if you like) or applesauce (add after turning or when done, and sprinkle with cinnamon when done), the other with cheese baked into the pancake so it starts to melt a bit (sprinkle with paprika powder when done).

    The Dutch eat large thin pancakes (dinner-plate size) for dinner, not small fat ones for breakfast. It’s a childhood favorite and there are many child-friendly pancake restaurants all over the country, with up to 100 different fillings to choose. Baking in bacon or ham, then adding syrup is another variety that they all have, as well as the one with rum-soaked raisins (for the parents), or a sweet one with maraschino cherries and cream for desert.
    I’ve also eaten a tasty one called ‘the vegetable garden’, with seasonal veggies from the restaurant’s own vegetable plot, in one of the better-assorted pancake places .

    I don’t know if your alternative recipe tolerates flavorings being baked in, but if it works you can try getting creative.

  2. My husband went keto (more or less) over a year ago. So we all did – but I never found a really good bread substitute. We just cut breads/potatoes/rice etc., down by 9/10ths in any main course recipe. Seems to be enough for our systems.

  3. Elaine, I have established pretty definitively that cutting down bread/rice/potatoes etc is not adequate for me to lose weight — though I am hopeful it will do to maintain weight loss. We’ll see! Interestingly, I’m fairly certain that sugar itself is not as bad for weight gain for me as wheat and corn. And it seems to me that oatmeal does not push weight gain for me much either. Metabolism and nutrition are so oddly individual.

    Hanneke, wholemeal or otherwise, wheat is definitely something I’m going to have to minimize for, I suppose, the rest of my life. Sigh.

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