A Regency gentleman

As quirks go, this guy has a great one.


A brief video profile by the BBC of a 25-year-old man named Zack Pinsent has racked up more than a million views on Twitter, and that’s probably because he wears historical clothing full-time and manages to seem at least somewhat chill about it, even as he announces with absolute confidence, “I don’t own or wear any modern clothing.”

Not only does Zach dress like a Regency dandy every day, he specializes in historical tailoring: “Bespoke period clothing crafted with historical accuracy,” his website promises. Therefore he’s really a walking advertisement for his own business—and frankly, a fairly persuasive one. 

The corsets and wide skirts and so on aren’t as delightful to contemplate as the wonderful masculine styles. But if styles like this became fashionable for both men and women, well, I would not be sad about that.

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