What to wear to a gunfight

Aaaaalllll about guns, or at least a nice technical discussion about some kinds of guns, here at Kill Zone Blog.

Here’s the scenario: Your character, Detective Dan, knows that he is marching into harm’s way to confront at least two bad guys who he knows are armed.  For our purposes here, Detective Dan is part of a small force, maybe just a partner or two.  The smart move is to wait for backup, but they can’t do that because a family of four is being held hostage and things have gone very bad very quickly.

It’s almost certain that shots will be fired.  The good news is they have a pretty good arsenal to choose from. Just to make it interesting, they have to walk a long way to get in an out, and climb a lot of stairs.  And let’s put them in regular street clothes–nothing tactical.  Think business suits.

Choose Your Weapons

I like wrapping this gun discussion up in a little bit of a story. The discussion covers choices of weapons and why a rifle may not be a great idea if your good guy is trying to rescue hostages, whether to wear armor, and neat adages like “the only reason to carry a pistol is to fight your way back to your rifle.”

I don’t know that I’ll ever need to know all this stuff, but if I were to write this kind of thriller, I’d be checking out all kinds of posts just like this.

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