Happy birthday —

I just realized that Beyond the Dreams We Know came out just about a year ago.

I notice it only has six reviews at Amazon. If you left one of those reviews, thanks! (Especially since they’re really positive reviews!)

I bet more of you have read Beyond the Dreams in the months since its birthday. If you have, and hadn’t gotten around to leaving a review, perhaps today might be a good time.

Incidentally, if you’ve read it, do you have a favorite story? As a reminder:

Heart’s Desire — Neill’s story, in the world of The City in the Lake

A Walk on the Beach

Fire and Earth — Bertaud’s story, in the world of The Griffin Mage trilogy


Audition — Nescana’s story, in the world of The Floating Islands


The Kieba — Erest’s story, in the world of The Mountain of Kept Memory

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3 thoughts on “Happy birthday —”

  1. I think the Floating Islands one was my favorite. That was a book/world that I felt had the potential for a fair amount of follow ups, since the stories do far have been somewhat smaller in scale.

  2. Kathryn McConaughy

    I liked them all… I most enjoyed Neill’s story, but it also frustrated me because I wanted it to be much longer! I’d love to see more from the Vigilante world too.

  3. Oh, good to hear about “Vigilante.” I might eventually dust off the novel I started in that world.

    Neill’s story was hard to write! But I think it left him poised to have a pretty nice life …

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