If you’re on a panel

Here’s a good thread from Delilah Dawson about how to behave well on a panel at a convention.

I think this item is especially good:

8. As the panel mojo progresses, consider how you can use a question to take a different perspective than the other panelists. If someone’s answer is close to yours, how can you broaden the discussion? What experience do you bring to the table that’s different and new?

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of that, certainly not in those terms. This seems like a good idea to keep in mind. It can be fair, I think, to say essentially, “Yes, I’m basically a clone of [other panel member] on this one. I too [do this exact same thing/feel this exact same way].” But I like the idea of thinking not, Yes, me too, but How can I broaden that answer?

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3 thoughts on “If you’re on a panel”

  1. One conference I regularly attend has a tradition of providing conference-goers with little stress balls to throw at speakers who are full of it. I’ve seen people take some hits intended for fellow panelists, since hackers aren’t known for their aim. So, you should pick your place in the panelist lineup with care. :)

  2. SarahZ, that’s kind of funny, but probably funnier for the audience than the panelists…

  3. Haven’t been to a con in ages, but I like the idea for panelists. If they can think on their feet fast enough it would make for better panels.

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