A prequel to The Hunger Games

So, looks like Suzanne Collins is writing a prequel to The Hunger Games.

The book—so far only called “Untitled Panem Novel”—will be set 64 years before The Hunger Games.

Not sure I’m interested. How about you?

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3 thoughts on “A prequel to The Hunger Games”

  1. I’m interested, but certainly not excited. I’ll probably check out reviews once it’s out to see if it sounds like something I’d want read.

  2. I’m almost never interested in prequels. You already know where things are going, and you know how things eventually get resolved. There’s little chance for a happy ending in most, since they have to set up whatever needed fixing in the original series.

  3. Allan Shampine

    Generally agree with SarahZ, but there are always exceptions that prove the rule. I’m enjoying Steven Erikson’s prequel to his Malazan books about the creation of the Malazan empire. The main series began with the empire starting to fall apart, so arguably the prequel series will end more happily than the original series! Although he also has another prequel series set way, way back in mythic times that I strongly disliked and did not finish. So, even for that author, that’s only one out of two prequels being fun.

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