Uber-competent ensembles

At tor.com: 5 super-competent SF ensembles we’d trust to get us through space.

And sure, the choices are okay so far as I know — I’ve read two of the five choices. (I KEEP meaning to read something by Max Gladstone, but still have not quite gotten to it.)

But I know a group I’d pit anybody against:

The characters in this series — Ezra Mason, Kady Grant, Hanna Donnelly, Nik Malikov, Ella Malikova, Asha Grant, Rhys Lindstrome — are definitely uber-competent. They aren’t actually believable, as such. They’re too uber for that. Too many hotshot hackers and natural tactical geniuses and whatnot.

That is what makes me happy to pit them against anybody on that tor.com list. Pretty sure these kids would come out on top against ANYBODY.

Also, though this trilogy is completely (even insanely) over the top, it’s also completely fun to read. But don’t get it as an ebook or worse, an audiobook. Paper is almost certainly the superior way to go for the wild graphics embedded through the novels.

…. and now I’m feeling like getting these off my shelf and starting to re-read them from the top.

Anybody else got an uber-competent team they’d like to bet on?

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3 thoughts on “Uber-competent ensembles”

  1. Yes. Get that trilogy in dead tree. It’s an epistolary novel and nothing matches the paper effect.

  2. There you go! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It was right up there among my favorites for the past couple of years.

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