I’m sometimes startled by all the books I haven’t read

You know what’s coming out shortly? This:

And have I read the last couple of her Natural History of Dragons series? I have not. They are on my actual, physical shelves, with their beautiful covers turned out so I can admire them, and yet here we are.

Fine. Today, I will take the first one of that series off the shelf, bring it upstairs, and put it on the coffee table. That should hopefully force me to re-read it fairly soon so I can go on and re-read the other books I’ve already read and then finish the series.

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1 thought on “I’m sometimes startled by all the books I haven’t read”

  1. Ooooh yes! I didn’t know there’d be another one. Looks like the release date is not until August, but sooooo looking forward to it. Time to re-read the whole series.

    Did you notice the alternative cover on Tor? Black. Dark. Not nearly as nice as this one, even though it’s the same image.

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