A fox zodiac

If you’re not on Twitter, you’ve missed out on the Fox Zodiac that went up recently, so let me point it out to you.

It’s great fun. Since my birth date is late February, I had to read through all the foxes to get to mine, which turned out to be pretty appropriate:

BENGAL FOX (Feb 19-Mar 20) You’re a super-creative person (fox?) who loves to manufacture complexities–whether it’s a sculpture, a story, a game, or an elaborate system of dens you’re never satisfied with your work & you keep pushing yourself to do more

I’ll take that.

The most interesting one is this:

RACCOON DOG (Oct 23-Nov 21) Sigh. You just love to swim against the current don’t you. I didn’t know you were even fox-adjacent but apparently you are! Anyway you’re striking & mysterious & like maybe four different animals at the same time. Good for you.

Fox-adjacent! That’s a great term, and accurate, since the raccoon dog is in its own genus, but apparently rather closely related to foxes. Of course there are quite a few fox genera to; it’s not as though all foxes are just Vulpes like the typical red fox we all think of first.

In case you’re interested, here’s a raccoon:

And here is a raccoon dog:

And they really do look quite a lot alike in the head, though honestly the body is fairly different. As you’d expect. You’re not super likely to find a raccoon dog in a tree, either. Certainly not in North America.

Anyway, click through and check out which fox is your zodiac sign.

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