Door Into Light available for preorder

Just letting you know that I’ve finalized the files for Door Into Light, so I’ve made the ebook available for preorder, with a release date of May 20th.

I don’t see a way to list the paper version for preorder, but it indeed be released at exactly the same time or even a bit earlier.

House of Shadows is priced at $9.99 for the ebook on Amazon. I don’t have control over that, and I’m considering pricing Door Into Light at that level, or nearly, in order to be consistent. But I won’t do that for a little while; I’m at least going to start it off at a significantly lower price and see how that works first.

I may enroll this book in KDP select, but maybe not since I’m sure House of Shadows isn’t restricted that way. I haven’t loaded files to other platforms yet, but I expect I will do that prior to May 20th.

I enjoyed reading little snippets over again as I fiddled around to get the chapter breaks to work in the Kindle version yesterday. Hopefully that’s a good sign that you’ll all enjoy it too!

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12 thoughts on “<em>Door Into Light </em> available for preorder”

  1. Fabulous news! Have happily preordered. :) One advantage to being on the West Coast is that ebooks often drop at 9 pm the night before, hehe.

  2. Thank you all!

    I know, Pete. I’m having a kind of crazy week, but I’ll get to it before the actual release date … probably.

  3. Looking forward eagerly to the paper version, thanks! Always enjoy your work. On a side note, do you have any thoughts regarding self publishing and print on demand and how that affects the ability to identify first edition first printing copies? Do you identify first printings in your self published work? Thanks.

  4. Thanks, Jeanine!

    I’ve never thought about it. I believe I would only be inclined to identify an edition as “first edition” if I made significant changes to a later edition — which is possible, as sometimes I do wind up with fairly radically different versions of a book after revisions, and like multiple version.

  5. Thanks so much for responding to my question. I buy books to read. I don’t find a point in owning a book if I don’t want to read it or consult it for research. But, that being said, I prefer to buy the first printings of books, just for collectability purposes. It’s my version of having a dragon’s hoard! The whole self-publication thing is really making it difficult to do that these days. But, hey, not your problem. Again, looking forward to your next book! Also, thanks for sharing your blog with us. I’ve been enjoying reading my way through your blog posts of the past.

  6. I know someone who collects signed editions, and treats her collection exactly like a dragon’s horde! But yes, I can see that self-publication would make the first-edition concept hard to pin down.

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