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I’m not organized enough to compile a lot of links, but Jordan Dane at Kill Zone Blog is:

The Encyclopedia of Death and Dying – Wonder what’s in there? Plenty of weird topics alphabetized. …

And on through a bunch of others, including:

Botanical: Modern Herbal – A solid research source for herbs and poisons

Because you know you’re going to look up poisons sometime.

Firearms Tutorial – This is a resource for firearms with basic terminology, Lab procedures, examination of gun shot residue (GSR), and a study of ballistics, among other things.

Very handy for those of us who basically don’t know much about the topic. And then moving on to:

Building Fictional Characters – Lots of helpful links to resources on the topic of crafting characters with recommended instructional books

Which I’m guessing is pointless, if only because I can’t imagine using somebody’s Character Checklist of any variety to develop a character. But of course I’m nearly a purely organic writer. I just put ’em on the page and see how they develop.

Click through and check out the whole list of links if you’re interested.

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