Cover Reveal: Door Into Light

I know, I know, I am very late releasing Door Into Light. But! It was unavoidable.

The cover got complicated because several months ago, the cover artist was about to send me first sketch and then she suddenly fell seriously ill. Then she was in a hospital. Then she was home. I don’t know her real name, only the name she went by as an artist, and when she stopped answering messages or emails, I had no way to determine whether she might be very sick indeed, or possibly even have passed away.

So after a while, I looked around and found a different cover artist. This is the cover she’s done for me. I hope you all like it. It was fairly difficult as I had to say, Can you please match the ornate, scrolling font of the title from House of Shadows? See those dragons, can you be sure to put dragons like that somewhere on this cover? Music is important, can you put a harp or a wooden flute or panpipes somewhere?

I am embarrassed to note that I kept thinking of details to change and had to ask her to fiddle with the cover over and over, but here is final version.

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11 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Door Into Light”

  1. I like it, the light looks right, in a way that many with a photo person plopped into the illustration don’t.

    So when is it coming out?

    And you know, it is a bit on the gray side, wasn’t it here we had a thread grumbling aboutgray/monochrome covers?

  2. I know, I know! It came out rather monochromatic! But I kind of do like the cold color tones in this cover, so even though I thought of saying “Yellow! Brown! Red! Color!” in the end, I didn’t.

    Really soon! I should probably do a newsletter first. Definitely, one hundred percent for certain, in May.

  3. I agree white is a good color for a book about a snowy land. That said: why the hip goatee?

  4. On further thought, I realize I was perplexed by the combination of white blazer the dyed (frosted) hair, and the tiny goatee–a very hipster look. It sort of suggests UF or some other contemporary genre. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to the book.

  5. I like it, it fits with the subject matter and it looks a good match with House of Shadows in style – clever for a different artist to achieve that!

  6. Hey, hurray, I’m allowed to comment again!
    My last 2-3 comment got swallowed, I don’t kbow why.

  7. Rachel Neumeier

    Weird, Hanneke, because I didn’t get any notice of a pending comments. Email me if that happens again and I will try to fix whatever it is.

  8. What a great cover! The dragons, the light, the door, the carved flower, the design of the text… all very nice and inviting. Although perhaps the artist could have faded your first name more smoothly.

    Looking forward to reading it this month.

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