I hope it will be rebuilt

First, I understand more than $300 million in private funds have already been pledged toward the rebuilding of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.


an architectural historian named Andrew Tallon worked with laser scanners to capture the entirety of the cathedral’s interior and exterior in meticulous 3D point clouds.

It won’t be the same, of course. But I hope it is rebuilt, and I hope it stands another eight hundred years.

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2 thoughts on “I hope it will be rebuilt”

  1. I saw it, nigh on twenty years ago. For all the tourists in there, it was still a sacred space.

    I hope they can recreate the windows. They were amazing.

  2. Update: the altar and cross survived.

    And this: Hero priest saves precious artifacts from Notre Dame Cathedral fire

    Oh, another update: the windows were not destroyed:

    “All the 18th-century steles, the pietas, frescoes, chapels and the big organ are fine,” he said. Among the most famous elements inside the cathedral, Prades added that the three large stained-glass rose windows have not been destroyed, though they may have been damaged by the heat and will be assessed by an expert.

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