Nora Robert’s writing process

I found this post interesting. Two responses leap to my mind:

1) Wow

2) This sounds like an ideal life

Oh, wait, three responses:

3) It would sound just a tiny bit more ideal if I weren’t just a little stuck right now on both WIPs. But that’s all right! Getting mildly stuck is pretty much part of MY process, it’s just TUYO spoiled me for that part by whooshing at very nearly top speed from beginning to end.

Anyway, here’s Nora:

I’m able to produce a lot of books because I work every day. Because I don’t go out to lunch or dinner, or to events, go shopping, have hobbies or socialize all that much. I don’t want to.

I like home. I like my space. I have plenty of people living in my head for company.

Exactly! That sounds pretty much completely ideal.

She writes four books a year. (!)

This is her post explaining why that pace of writing happens to suit her.

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2 thoughts on “Nora Robert’s writing process”

  1. I’m an introvert. I like my home and my space, too. But wouldn’t you eventually need social interaction to write at all realistically? To hear people talking – actual people, not just the ones in your head? To observe the world around you?

  2. I’m sure people do, even extreme introverts. If you were to read the whole post, you’d see that Nora Roberts does have plenty of interaction … for an introvert. Me too, I suppose, just way way way less than an extrovert would want.

    Although I bet that really we all have enough of an idea of how people act and talk and so on — I don’t think that’s the kind of thing that gets forgotten — I kind of bet plenty of writers could be complete hermits, stuck on a individual desert islands somewhere, and still write very believable dialogue and interaction. Current slang, no, but other kinds of dialogue

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