Gentleperson’s Guide to Correct Querying

I got a kick out of Janet Reid’s recent response to a potential query mistake.

I inadvertently submitted queries for the same manuscript to two different agents at the same agency. The first one was last October to an agent I read about via a pitch party. (No response yet.) The second one was to an agent I read about a couple of days ago in a publishing newsletter I subscribe to. She’s relatively new in the field and is trying to build her clientele. …

And Janet’s response:

Look at the timeline: you queried Agent A in October.
That’s more than 30 days ago.

Thus, Agent A has passed by default.
You’re well within the parameters laid down in the Gentleperson’s Guide to Correct Querying if you query the same agency some months later. PARTICULARLY someone new and building  her list.

Plus advice about what to do if you queried the first agent a mere 29.75 days before the second: Still nothing.

Honestly, Janet Reid’s blog is the single resource I always point out when someone asks me for advice about traditional publishing, or especially about querying. Fun to read, down to earth, and useful all at once.

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