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Okay, so for various reasons I just had to sit down and write back cover copy for one of my recently completed manuscripts.

As always, this was hard. But I kind of think maybe I like how this turned out. Here it is. What do you think?

Never let anyone guess your name. Never let anyone guess your curse. Never let the nightmare loose. Vích has lived by those rules for a very long time. She always assumed that if someone made a mistake and called down calamity upon the world, it would be her reckless brother Lahn, not her. But the mistake was hers, and now she might not be able to hold back the rising darkness.

Never let anyone guess your name. Never get too attached to anyone. Never, ever let anyone push Vích too far. Lahn has always known how to sidestep trouble and enjoy life, even though he can never really be part of ordinary society. Most of all, he’s always known exactly how to help his sister keep control of her terrible curse. But he didn’t expect to find himself bound to serve a foreign priest, forced to leave Vích on her own just when his sister has finally caught the eye of an enemy. The worst kind of enemy: someone who knows their names …

That is not too misleading. Absolutely no hint of the weird, complicated worldbuilding. But still, pretty close to accurate for the basic setup.

Hopefully before too long I’ll have a chance to offer that back-cover copy to an editor, and I hope I remember it’s sitting right here, ready for me to pick it up and send it.

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5 thoughts on “Back cover copy”

  1. Nice. I’d like to read it.

    Next to last sentence “sister’s” should be “sister”, I think.

  2. That is very good! I think you posted a couple of paragraphs several months ago, so I was already primed to read it. But even coming in cold, I think this evokes a nice sense of mystery.

  3. Kathryn McConaughy

    I can’t wait to read this book…
    In the first paragraph, last sentence, I think you mean “she might not be able.”

  4. Okay, sure, “she might not be able.”

    Yep, I meant “sister has,” but if it’s not clear, I should de-contraction.

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