Whoops, it’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

Sorry, I didn’t think of that far enough ahead to do a themed post.

So I will steal Brandy’s! Here is Random Musings of a Bibliophile, whose post today is on Favorite Couples in SFF.

Plus she links to all the Top Ten Tuesday posts on that theme, in case you want more.

Brandy’s choices:

The queen and king of Attolia. Yep, saw that coming.

Harriet Vane and Lord Peter. That one too.

Oh, this is interesting — Christopher and Millie, from DWJ Chrestomanci books. Good choice!

Plus a handful of others I’m not as familiar with, and

Jaime and Dominique in Florand’s The Chocolate Touch. Yes yes yes. That’s my favorite couple in all of Florand’s romances.

Now, just to prove I can contribute, I’ll add a few of my own:

Cassandra and Kaoren.

Jade and Moon

Tremaine and Ilas.

Kate and Curren

Oh, hey, also —

Cordelia and Aral.

Here’s another from a book I haven’t read for a while —

Gabriel and Rachel

There, that’s ten couples total.

Did I pick one of your favorites?

Is there a literary couple I should’ve thought of but inexplicably forgot?

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9 thoughts on “Whoops, it’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?”

  1. Alanna & George
    Mercedes & Adam

    All these couples are straight so far…maybe Ronan & Adam (raven cycle)?

  2. Surely JRRT & Edith Bratt.

    Back to SFF, Tier and Seraph from Briggs’ RAVEN duology.
    Whom we actually spend more time with married than not.

  3. Kathryn McConaughy

    Miles & Ekaterin
    Natividad & Ezekiel
    Druyan & Kellis (yay Susan Dexter!)
    Agnieszka & the Dragon
    Mirasol & the Master of Willowlands

    Just finished Wells’ Gate of the Gods, so seeing Tremaine & Ilias in your list made my day!

  4. Okay, the only couple so far that I don’t recognize is Brandin and Dianora. Somebody tell me where they appeared because now I’m really curious!

    Thanks, Kathryn, for naming Natividad and Ezekiel! And yes, Tremaine is possibly my favorite female protagonist EVER.

  5. Oh yeah, and Tehr’s parents are good too. I also like how *thorough* they are in playing matchmaker.

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