D&D with contagious diseases

A startling and funny post at tor.com:

Give Your D&D Characters Strange Diseases With This Brand New Supplement!

Keeping track of a character’s health in Dungeons & Dragons has always been important in regard to keeping said character alive. But the real world doesn’t come at you with hit points and healing potions most of the time. You know what your party needs?

Communicable diseases.

Thankfully, a group of medical students who love tabletop gaming thought about this, and decided to cut the world a break. They’ve created a supplement called The Malady Workshop, which will help your Dungeon Master come up any number of horrible ailments for you and your pals to deal with as you battle unicorns and flirt with orcs. From the Dungeon Masters Guild:

Inspired by the vast array of diseases, and the medieval myths that once surrounded them, we embarked on a mission; to enrich other worlds with fantastical diseases.

Surely I’m not the only one who find this delightful. Obviously, just what a role-playing game campaign needs — or a secondary world fantasy novel, of course — fantastical, contagious diseases!

My first reaction, actually is, Yeah, do not need another complicated plot element, got enough going on here in this ginormous novel. But I have to admit, I did then start thinking, Sure, but in the next novel …

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  1. Finished reading “Knife Children”. It is chock full of Vorkosiganisms, including “I live to serve”, “that would be telling”*, “_____, heh” (noun mad lib.) Indeed, Barr is very much a coda to the various feckless men growing up in that universe. It is also a coda to Sharing Knife quadrilogy, obviously. But in this time, it is farmers joining the lakewalkers rather than the reverse. All in all, a fine quick read.

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