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The art of Middle-Earth

At tor.com, an interview with Ted Naismith, the artist for lots of the art we all think of as quintessential Middle-Earth visual images.

My favorite . . . surely everyone’s favorite?

The whole post is well worth a minute of your time, for the lovely collection of artwork as well as the interview.

UPDATE: Maureen’s comment made me immediately google Alan Lee Tolkien. Here, for those who might like a sample, is the cover to The Fall of Gondolin:

Fine, I have to admit, this is pretty great too. To be even-handed, and since I stumbled across it really fast, here’s an article about Alan Lee.

I still favor Ted Naismith’s work. Now I’m going to probably spend more time than is strictly reasonable looking at their work and trying to work out why.

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6 Comments The art of Middle-Earth

  1. Elaine T

    I like them both about equally.
    I think Naismith’s winged creatures are a bit better.

    We have the Lee illustration LOTR and HOBBIT. I wouldn’t mind a Naismith illustrated one, too

  2. Elaine T

    I think it’s Naismith’s colors, they’re more vivid. I like Lee’s work, but sometimes it looks washed out, or not intense enough, somehow. And I don’t always like how he does people.

  3. Rachel

    Me too. Even though my actual house is pretty much a writing retreat, I want this tree-house as another writing retreat.

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