Embrace Winter

Here’s a post that I will try to embrace: Embrace Your Friend, the Freezing Cold Temperature

Being cold and wishing for summer is an essential part of winter. It’s what makes summer so sweet. It’s helps make life feel lived. If you never curse the painful sting of winter’s cold kiss, can you really tolerate the annoying burn of summer’s hot sun? …

The cold is nice. You get to wear so many of your clothes. You get to come in from the cold and feel the warm air of indoors sooth your frozen skin. You get to take a deep breath and feel the fresh air in your lungs. You get to smell exhaust from a car, a good smell that smells best in cold air. You get to say “omggg it’s so cold!!,” and isn’t that fun? You get to have a very cold day.

Please don’t wish the cold away unthinkingly. Soon it will be very hot, and then, sometime after that, we will be dead.

Well, that went suddenly deep.

And no, car exhaust is definitely not a nice smell; just no.

But okay, yes, fine. I will now attempt to embrace being cold and wishing for summer; I will appreciate wearing all the nice sweaters and tall boots that I really do love; and I will remember that snow is really pretty. That gives me three things to appreciate.

Which is timely, because today it (a) first rained to remove all the pretty snow; (b) suddenly dropped 20 degrees and skidded through freezing rain and ice on its way to a sort of misty snow, which I’m going to have to drive in; and (c) it’s omgggg so cold! And the dogs and I would really prefer to have weather in which we can actually go for walks.

They did have fun coming in last night and running mad circles around the couch, mostly if not universally missing the laptop power cord and other hazards, so there’s that.

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4 thoughts on “Embrace Winter”

  1. Mary, I wished I believed that, but as far as I can tell, mosquitoes are really awful every single year without fail.

    Except the one year we had a terrible, terrible drought. That year, no mosquitoes, but on the other hand, I lost quite a few young shrubs and trees. On the whole, I’d rather have the insects.

  2. Ah, but at least the mud freezes. And no snakes! And double-coated breeds like Collies come into beautiful coat. There’s a reason all the Collie specialties are held between Christmas and Easter. ;)

  3. Frozen hard is waaaay better than mud, yes! But those dratted puppies dug through six inches of snow and then through mulch and came in with muddy feet last week. Unbelievable!

    That timing must make driving to specialties potentially exciting! I am throwing away premium lists right now because I hate to pay entry fees for any show whatsoever in February, just in case it turns out that ice or snow makes driving iffy.

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